3 Tips For Speeding Up Your Sandblasting Speed

Sandblasting can take a really long time to complete. If you have to regularly sandblast surfaces for your work, here are three tips that should help you speed up your productivity without compromising on quality at all. #1 Don't Add Extra Media To The Air Stream The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are not adding extra media to the air stream. When you sandblast, it is very crucial that you control the blast media during use as well as the force blast of media as it hits the surface that you are working on.

Three Waterproofing Solutions For Your Basement

Basements, because of how they are constructed, often experience problems with water and humidity. Fortunately, there are some waterproofing solutions you can use to get and keep a drier basement. Try one or more of the following in your basement. Remove Floor Drains Many basements have floor drains. These are holes in the concrete floors that are directly connected to large pipes. The pipes lead out of the house to the city sewer system.

3 Paint-Stripping Options to Consider and Their Benefits

One of the most important things that you can do before painting your house is to strip off the old paint, mostly because painting over your old paint can cause issues with the color and texture of the new paint. Listed below are three paint-stripping options to consider and the benefits that they can provide. Chemical One of the most common ways to remove paint from your home is to use a store-bought chemical stripping agent.

2 Tips For Finding Hidden Signs Of Mold After Your Basement Has Flooded

If your basement has recently flooded, you may be concerned about the possibility of mold growing within your walls. If so, use the following tips for helping you find the hidden signs of a mold problem. Use Your Nose To Smell The Air Even if you cannot see any mold growing on your walls or ceiling, you may be able to smell it before the growth becomes visible. Mold has a very strong, stale odor that is detectable even if it is deep within your walls.

Risk Factors For Developing Mold Within Your Home

Not only is mold very dangerous, but it can take you by surprise. Mold spores are everywhere; there's no way to entirely remove mold from a house. And because of that, mold can very quickly spread, given the best conditions. Once mold has spread it can be almost impossible to remove entirely without professional help. Here are some risk factors for developing mold in your home that you should watch out for.